About us

Pennzcorp is family run business, established in 1988 by the Reid family. We are a local company supplying our products and service nationwide.  It’s the many years of experience that helps us to understand the daily trials and challenges of our customers and this drives the way we operate our business. What’s important to you is what is important to us. We are with our clients daily, understanding how they use our products, solving their problems and getting to know about their business.

Pennzcorp specialises solely in lubricants and have built up an extensive, knowledge base. This knowledge is shared with all our employees who provide specialist expertise and support to our customers. We all love what we do and have a passion for the industry.

Technical helpline: 0800 761 761   |   sales@pennz-corp.co.nz

We are exceptionally stubborn about investing in extensive research and development. We provide our customers with application specific products. The Pennzcorp advantage is a professional mix of oil products, tailored services and technical expertise that deliver your business:

  • quality products
  • personal, expert service and technical support
  • simple stress free systems
  • profit in your pocket
  • business continuity

We go to extreme lengths to ensure everything we do is best practice:

  • best additive packages
  • best base stock
  • best onsite blending facilities